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Usage of the contents of this web site 

Access to and use of the text, artistic contents, photographs and other files featured on this site are subject to the following terms and conditions.
All contents are protected by copyright.
The software, documentation, electronic tests, images, audio and video "windows" and all other material, are protected by copyright and may also be protected by other legal provisions.
The Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro Sinfonico Giuseppe Verdi di Milano is the owner of all rights in respect to the data, images, texts and any other information contained in the files featured on its web site.
The copyright and industrial property rights relating to the material contained in this web site may also belong to subjects other than the Fondazione or be jointly owned with the aforesaid Fondazione.
The Fondazione expressly prohibits the reproduction of any protected material contained in its web site, except for material specified under the following paragraph.

Authorized use 

The use of protected material is authorised for non-commercial educational purposes, such as teaching in general, teaching in schools, research, criticism and the right to news.
If not otherwise indicated, users wishing to download or print texts and/or images from this site for the purposes indicated above are authorised to do so.
The user must however specify the author and the source of the material downloaded. Any such quotation must also include the wording (© Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro Sinfonico Giuseppe Verdi di Milano). When downloading, printing or otherwise using texts and images from the Fondazione's web site, the user undertakes to limit the use of the said material for the purposes described above, without infringing the rights of the Fondazione or of any other parties concerned.
Unauthorised commercial publications or exploitation of the Fondazione's files are expressly forbidden. Any person wishing to adopt its files or images for commercial purposes, publications or any otherwise unauthorised reasons, must request and receive written permission to that effect from the Fondazione.
Permission will be granted, after due consideration of each case separately, at the Fondazione's own discretion.
A charge may be made, depending on the nature and type of usage requested.
All data and material contained in this site may be used solely for personal purposes. In the event of unauthorised usage, La Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro Sinfonico Giuseppe Verdi di Milano reserves the right to take legal action to safeguard its rights.
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