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Auditorium di Milano Fondazione Cariplo
Largo Gustav Mahler - Milan
from Tuesday to Sunday, 2.30 pm  to 7.00 pm
telephone 02.83.389.401/402/403 fax 02.83.389.300
How to arrive >>
Ticket on line www.vivaticket.it


The presale for all scheduled concerts is possible at the start of the season.
Reservations can be made 15 days before the date of the concert performance.
Reserved tickets (at the Auditorium di Milano and the Via Clerici 3 Ticket Office) must be picked up at least 48 hours before the concert. Failure to do so cancels the reservation.
Payment of reserved tickets can be made by cash, check, bankcard, credit card, wire transfer, or postal payments.

Wire Transfer
Letterhead: Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi
Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro, 1 - 20136 Milano

IBAN IT 15 U 05584 01702 000 000 018100

A copy of the wire transfer must be sent via fax to the ticket office of the Auditorium (02.83389.300) or via e-mail to info@auditoriumdimilano.org.
The original document must be presented in order to collect the tickets (up to 30 minutes before the concert begins).

Postal Address
Letterhead: Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi
Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro, 1 - 20136 Milano
c/c postale 31776255

A copy of the payment receipt must be sent via fax to the ticket office of the Auditorium (02.83389.300).
The original payment receipt must be presented in order to collect the tickets (up to 30 minutes before the concert begins).

Lost or unused tickets cannot be refunded.


Tickets can be purchased online at:

Pay with credit card and print the payment receipt.
Tickets can be picked up the presale desk up to 30 minutes before the concert begins. A photocopy of the receipt certifying the payment must be presented for pickup.
It is also possible to print the ticket from the comfort of home and present it directly in the Auditorium. This new process can be done either immediately after purchasing the ticket online (the “acquista il biglietto” button in the concerts tab), or if you hold a subscription, click the “print at home” button, insert your subscription code, follow the procedure instructions, choose your seat, and print the ticket.


Concerts begin precisely at the indicated time.
The right to a numbered seat expires as soon as the First Violin of the Orchestra comes onstage.
Latecomers will not be permitted into the hall until the end of the piece in performance.
Those who leave the hall before a piece begins cannot return to their seat until the end of the same piece.
The audience is not permitted to take photos or recordings during the concert.


For Cral, Organized Groups, Cultural Entities, Libraries, and Schools, (min. 10 people), special terms and conditions are provided. In addition to purchasing tickets and subscriptions at reduced prices and to receiving gratuity proportional to the number of tickets or subscriptions purchased, the Office of Groups and Promotions offers a service for information, concert reservations, and different methods of ticket pickups, with the ability to satisfy various public requests. The Office also available for members in groups of at least 10 people, offering subscription packages specifically designed for different needs. The Office of Groups and Promotions is available Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 6:30pm.

Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro, 1 - 20136 Milano
tel. 02.83389.236/302
fax 02.83389.303


For university students under 30, it is possible to buy concert tickets at the price of €10 (unless otherwise specified). With the special offer, you can purchase a maximum of two tickets per person.
To receive the promotions, write to prenotazioni@laverdi.org indicating in the subject line “laVERDI for Young People.” In the body of the email, include your first and last name, fiscal code, university and program degree, as well as the date of the concert you wish to attend and the number of tickets you wish to purchase (maximum of two per student).
Reservations, cancellations, and changes must be communicated by Friday at 4:00pm.


laVERDI offers those under 35 a special promotion on Fridays: Happy hour beginning at 6:30pm in the bar of the Auditorium, and the concert at 8:00pm.
Discover a way to spend time with friends and meet new people while combining fun and passion!
To take advantage of this special offer, you can go directly to the Ticket Office on Friday and purchase your Happy Hour + Concert for €15. You can also reserve a ticket by emailing prenotazioni@laverdi.org.


REDUCED 1 (for the purchase of two tickets to a show and/or one subscriptions per person for each event)

  • ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DEGLI ARCHI: soci dell’Accademia degli Archi Italiana previa presentazione tessera associativa.
  • ANDI: membri dell’ANDI (Associazione Nazionale Dentisti Italiani) previa presentazione della tessera associativa.
  • ARCI Milano La tessera da diritto all’acquisto di massimo due biglietti a tesserato (solo se acquistati direttamente presso la biglietteria dell’Auditorium).
  • ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIA-RUSSIA: tutti gli iscritti all’Associazione, previa presentazione tessera associativa.
  • ISTITUTO CERVANTES; sull'acquisto di due biglietti e 1 abbonamento per ogni titolare di tessera;
  • BPM: Club Soci BPM, previa presentazione tessera associativa.
  • COOP LOMBARDIA: soci COOP, previa presentazione tessera associativa.
  • FAI iscritti al FAI previa presentazione tessera in corso di validità.
  • H3G: tutti i dipendenti, previa presentazione tessera aziendale.
  • laFELTRINELLI titolari Carta Più - Carta MultiPiù previa presentazione tessera in biglietteria.
  • MILANO CARD su tutti i concerti della Stagione 14-15  (escluso Around the World)
  • ORDINE DEI COMMERCIALISTI: tutti gli iscritti all’ordine, previa presentazione tessera associativa.
  • ORDINE DEGLI AGRONOMI: tutti gli iscritti all’ordine, previa presentazione tessera associativa.
  • QUANTA VILLAGE: soci e dipendenti Quanta Village previa presentazione tessera associativa (soci) e badge identificativo (dipendenti).
  • TEATRO ELFO PUCCINI (sui concerti della Stagione Sinfonica previa presentazione dell’abbonamento al teatro Elfo Puccini)
  • TOURING CLUB soci Touring Club previa presentazione tessera associativa in corso di validità.
  • THE MILAN PASS titolari della tessera emessa da Zani Viaggi.
  • LEONARDO3 - Il Mondo di Leonardo. Con il biglietto della Mostra si posso acquistare in Auditorium biglietti Ridotto 1 su tutti i concerti. Presentando un abbonamento o un biglietto de laVerdi alla biglietteria, si potrà accedere alla mostra pagando il biglietto €9 anzichè 12€).
  • TRENORD : tutti gli abbonati e clienti occasionali di Trenord e Malpensa Express. Previa presentazione di:
    Abbonati Trenord: abbonamento in corso di validità.
    Clienti occasionali Trenord: biglietto di viaggio convalidato nel giorno di svolgimento del concerto.
    Clienti Malpensa Express: presentazione del biglietto di viaggio convalidato nella settimana di svolgimento del concerto.

REDUCED 2 (for the purchase of two tickets to a show and/or one subscription per person for each event)

  • ATM: dipendenti e abbonati annuali ATM previa presentazione della ‘’Carta club ATM’’ (abbonati annuali) e badge identificativo (dipendenti).
  • MILANO CARD (sui concerti della rassegna Around the World)
  • TEATRO ELFO PUCCINI (sui concerti delle rassegne laBarocca, Made in Italy, Around the world, Crescendo in Musica, Discovery e I Concerti da Camera previa presentazione dell’abbonamento al teatro Elfo Puccini)
  • UNICREDIT: solo dipendenti (Rid 2 sull'acquisto di due biglietti a persona  e Rid 1 sull'acquisto di 1 abbonamento a persona a rassegna) dietro presentazione badge identificativo.
for info
Ufficio Marketing laVerdi
Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro, 1 - 20136 Milano
Tel. 02.833.89.306/351


laVERDI works together with hotels in Milan to provide fast and easy communication dedicated to reservations, clients, and concert tickets. For information and reservations: prenotazionealberghi@laverdi.org

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